Saturday, February 20, 2010

Drawing In Pastel

"Reni Martini", Pat Meras, Nupastel, 15 x 13

I meet with a group of artists usually once a week to draw from a live model. This is a drawing of my friend Reni in pastel. Quick experimental spontaneous drawing feeds my more involved paintings and helps me loosen up a bit. It's also fun to work with a group of artist friends rather than paint as a hermit, alone in my studio as I often do. Solitude has it's place though and I find I do my best work solo in my studio, talking to myself, and my cat, answering myself, pacing back and forth, all things best done in private.


  1. Pat, love this sketch. It's good to see you are working! Live model hmmm what a great concept! Jen

  2. Pastel arts are always fantastic. It will be very good in finishing and adds life to the painting.